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May 26 9:21AM

My elderly mother keeps receiving messages on her phone: "Motion detected from home at (time)"

Gives a 0800 number which then directs to 0870 number.

This 0870 870 4334 gives an short message then cuts off.

Caller Name: Unknown

May 26 12:32AM

Accident claims,what accident??!!

Caller Name: National accident parasites
Caller Type: Car Accident Scam

May 25 11:23PM

They called up my phone and it was my dad sayin dinner was ready lol

Caller Name: Home
Caller Type: Unknown

May 25 11:04PM


Caller Name: TAN2
Caller Type: Car Accident Scam

May 25 5:33PM

Frances E Young, 46 Catesby Road, COVENTRY CV63EW, 02476595023, MAP. Frank Young, 5 Rodway Drive, COVENTRY CV57ET, 02476468459

Caller Name: Fran
Caller Type: Unknown

May 25 5:15PM

Said hello, could hear lots of 'office type' noise in the background then the phone went dead so no idea who called or why! This is a local number!

May 25 4:20PM

Kept asking who I was and what I did under the pretence that I was a shop and he misdialed, then was very rude as he put the phone down when I said nothing in response to his .

Caller Name: Posh Sounding Person - no name
Caller Type: Phi...

May 25 3:41PM

Had a missed call and so called the number back as it appeared to be a local number - English lady who explained that their company is called "Pensions Legal" and are contacting people due to the high number of pensions that are under-performing - sh...

May 25 3:07PM

My Sister received a call from 02079461835 . ASA she return the call they were listing not answering/talking back. thereafter they cut the line.

Caller Name: N/K
Caller Type: Scam

May 25 2:31PM

Was only the showroom telling me about a price drop I was quoted on.

Caller Name: Better Bathrooms
Caller Type: Event Reminder

May 25 2:16PM

asked if i had any outstanding PPI and was almost begging me to use them. it was a little weird

Caller Name: warrington based PPI claim
Caller Type: Unknown

May 25 1:06PM

Someone calling asking if I wanted to make money .

Caller Name: Alpha industries
Caller Type: Telemarketer

May 25 1:03PM

Person will not stop calling, and telling you that you "have an exam today"

Caller Name: Caroline
Caller Type: Tech Support Scam

May 25 12:59PM

2 - 3 times a day on a daily basis I receive a call from this number and every time they ask for a name of someone that does not live at my address. I have told them to stop ringing but they do not. Every day,

Caller Name: does not give a ...

May 25 12:50PM

Phoned my mobile, I didn't pick up & they didn't leave a message. Rang them back later & the is an automated message offering their services for accident claims.

Caller Name: Chase Alexander
Caller Type: Car Accident Scam

May 25 12:46PM

i have had several calls over the last few days from this number. sometimes about PPI, sometimes saying i have had a car accident, and today saying i had filled in a survey when returning from a holiday. when challenged, they hang up. I rang back ...

May 25 12:19PM

This service is for disabled children and adults using attends/pads

Caller Type: Unknown

May 25 12:13PM

Claim to be from Talk Talk tech dept. to gain remote access to your PC. and steal you data or ransom your PC access. Call about 3 or 4 times a day. Don't give them anything

Caller Name: TossWeasel
Caller Type: Tech Support Scam

May 25 12:11PM

Scammer claiming to be a Microsft Windows techinician

Caller Name: ??
Caller Type: Scam

May 25 11:58AM

This number is never answered and it is used to defraud UK websites by someone in Russia.

Caller Type: Scam

May 25 11:53AM

This number called and woman on line pretended she worked for natwest bank. I quit call and informed natwest.

Caller Name: Natwest
Caller Type: Phishing

May 25 11:37AM

All it said was your vote has been registered what vote??? What on earth does that mean???? Sounded automatic.

Caller Name: No idea
Caller Type: Political Call

May 25 11:30AM

Obnoxious woman insisting they receive info from a 3rd party insurer, they had no dates or details regarding "my crash".
Very unprofessional tone and very intimidating.
When challenged she became slightly aggressive.
I stated that no crash had occ...

May 25 11:20AM

PPI, very argumentative caller!
Unsolicited call!
don't answer!

Caller Name: ANON
Caller Type: Phishing

May 25 11:08AM

We receive these calls frequently. They rang again twice this morning claiming to be from Talk Talk (who are my provider)- sounded quite convincing. I challenged them and asked if they could confirm some of my details if they really were from Talk Ta...

May 25 9:49AM

It's a call centre trying to sell insurance after you've had a Hotpoint / Indesit appliance delivered.
I work nights, twice this month the b****rs have woken me up before 9 am

Caller Name: Call centre for Hotpoint/Indesit
Caller Type: T...

May 25 9:24AM

I got a call off a guy asking for CHONTELL from this number today ...MAYBE A GENUINE wrong number ?not sure MISSED what compnay he was calling on behalf of .

Caller Name: ?
Caller Type: Spam

May 25 8:57AM

Number belongs to Pareto Law - a graduate jobs assessment and training company based in Wilmslow

Caller Name: Pareto Law
Caller Type: Unknown

May 25 7:35AM

This number was given to me by dentist. . Bit annoyed that dentist would supply this no..omg

Caller Name: Dentist

May 25 4:16AM

Looking for girls
To hook up with!

Caller Name: Caner
Caller Type: Text Message

May 24 9:40PM

Saying they were from Microsft and my PC was infeacted. SCAM - ban this call.

Caller Type: Extortion