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Feb 22 1:59PM

Answered it and not one responded before they terminated the call. Now blocked

Caller Type: Unknown

Feb 22 1:42PM

I received a call from this number claiming to be from HMRC, saying there was an investigation against me for fraud and if I didn't press '1' to connect to them a warrant would be issued for my arrest. I hung up straight way.

Caller Name:...

Feb 22 12:10PM

Claiming they're from Wave Group. The person seems like she's reading from a script but the call keeps cutting out so can't really hear the full sentence. Sounded like a marketing call. Wants to speak to the manager to arrange a "non obligatory meeti...

Feb 22 11:08AM

Recorded message saying our internet was “about to be terminated” and to press a number to connect to BT. We just hung up. Unsurprisingly our internet connection is still fine.

Caller Type: Tech Support Scam

Feb 22 11:08AM

When you pick up the phone there is an automated voice talking about an accident you have been in. When I said 'unsubscribe' it diverts you to a real person - who picked up the phone, but when I asked to be removed from the list, he just hung up on m...

Feb 22 9:58AM

Recorded message claiming to be from HM Customs and Revenue stating that there is a fraud claim against me! Load of rubbish and extremely annoying - idiots.

Caller Name: HM Revenue
Caller Type: Scam

Feb 22 9:56AM

automated call saying they where HMRC and I needed to press 1 as there is a fraudulent claim in my name or a warrant for my arrest will be issued

Caller Type: Unknown

Feb 22 9:25AM

Kepps calling at inconvenient times e.g. very early in the morning, and never leaves a message.

Caller Name: ?

Feb 22 8:54AM

Rings twice hangs up hoping you call it back and get scammed for the premium phone call DO Not CALL IT BACK

Caller Name: No one
Caller Type: Scam

Feb 21 11:12PM

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Feb 21 8:51PM

Claimed to be NatWest Customer Service and I'd missed out on a £60 cash back offer, so wanted to go through some questions... I asked them to ring back - they never did.

Caller Name: Lorraine
Caller Type: Scam