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Aug 20 6:51PM

This number was blocked by my call blocker and out of curiosity I attempted to call it back but withheld my number and this number had a constant busy tone. So I suspect this is not a genuine number because it did not leave a message on my voicemail

Aug 20 6:23PM

Called to say I'd been recently injured in a car accident not my fault! I laughed and hung up. Number now blocked

Caller Name: Maxine
Caller Type: Car Accident Scam

Aug 20 6:02PM

Recording said it was HMRC and they had a fraud alert against me. They said I had to press 1 to ... (I cut the line off)

Caller Name: HMRC
Caller Type: Scam

Aug 20 5:57PM

Its brighthouse delivery service

Caller Name: Brighthouse delivery van
Caller Type: Safe to Answer

Aug 20 4:02PM

This number has called me several times today. No-one answers then line goes dead. Very annoying.

Caller Type: Unknown

Aug 20 3:42PM

Safe to answer if you are having dealings with them already

Caller Name: Claimhunters
Caller Type: Safe to Answer

Aug 20 3:36PM

Howard McGuire
Accepting cash in hand for faulty white goods working from Blandford area
Con artist

Caller Name: Howard McGuire
Caller Type: Unknown

Aug 20 3:23PM

The caller is Howard McGuire selling faulty fridges & fridges in Wimborne & Blandford.
The household goods he sells are a fire hazard & he knows it.
Avoid buying from this con man!!

Caller Name: Howard McGuire
Caller Type: Unknown...

Aug 20 3:18PM

0300 200 5597: posing as HMRC suggesting I need to press 1 or I am going to be arrested!

Caller Type: Extortion

Aug 20 3:14PM

Illegal tradesman
Wish I’d looked up his number before buying a fridge from him!!
Worked for 3 weeks!!

Caller Name: Howard M
Caller Type: Robocaller

Aug 20 2:37PM

Wants £129 for his call blocking service. Refused to give me his website address. Definitely a scam.

Caller Name: call blocking service
Caller Type: Telemarketer