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Oct 15 6:59PM

Claims to be Sue from NatWest call taken at 18:15. She wanted to make an appointment to sort my finances out, then asked if I had a mortgage. I ended the call as it appeared suspicious. I called the fraud team and they said it sounded suspicious too...

Oct 15 6:06PM

They called my phone but blocked there number, I answered ask who's calling the caller said he's from skyline marketing company I swore at him ask him never to call my phone again but he called again using this number 02080897322 I know some of the n...

Oct 15 5:38PM

Hang up and block.
Trying to scare you into thinking it's fraud against your name & that you'll be arrested.
This would never happen.

Caller Name: Fake hmrc
Caller Type: Scam

Oct 15 5:20PM

Reputable and genuine double glazing marketing call

Caller Name: R303
Caller Type: Safe to Answer

Oct 15 4:47PM

Robot message so not that believable but very urgent tone which may trick some people especially if they are nervous

Caller Type: Extortion

Oct 15 1:36PM

Had a call from this number, but they wanted to chat with someone else, so unsure why the call was made with me when clearly it was should have been someone else. Maybe this is a telesales company who had wrong details before placing the call with m...

Oct 15 1:33PM

A recorded message saying, there is a tax fraud under your name, press 1, if not you might get arrested. As soon as I pressed 1, an operator answered my call and I explain the recorded message to her and she hangs up. Totally a waste of time.


Oct 15 1:18PM

Apparently there is a warrent out for me and i will get arrested very shortly

Caller Type: Robocaller

Oct 15 1:08PM

Just had what seems like the obligatory scam email from ‘HMRC’ saying there is a fraud case outstanding against me. I have to press ‘1’ to speak to an officer or if I don’t, an arrest warrant will be issued against me.
The number that call...

Oct 15 12:51PM

they claim to be royal bank and Scotland and Natwest it is not do not Pay them.

Caller Name: FAKE/ FRAUD
Caller Type: Scam

Oct 15 12:04PM

Every day I receive calls like this but sadly can't block them as they use different numbers. Sometimes Zurich Germany London Warrington Manchester.. A real pain :(

Caller Name: Bitcoin
Caller Type: Scam

Oct 15 11:33AM

they tried to get all my personal details and tell me i'm in a tax matter.

Caller Name: H&M
Caller Type: IRS Scam

Oct 15 10:56AM

Claims to be investigating tax fraud and asks you to press 1 to connect to an officer. Hung up as I have never committed tax fraud and I'm pretty sure that if HMRC believe I have they will contact me in writing!

Caller Name: Claims to be ...