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Aug 27 1:44AM

The number called me at 1:36AM.
What kind of company calls people at half past one in the morning?!
I rejected the call and therefore no idea who called me.

Caller Name: Turner
Caller Type: Unknown

Aug 26 9:11PM

No idea who or what Ashbourn is. Keeps sending me text messages saying We are Ashbourn and telling me that my DD has been cancelled, and I need to ring them on this number. Don't have a DD with them in fact I've never heard of them until the started ...

Aug 26 6:19PM

Double glazing company in Swindon. Vile and rude, and won't take no for an answer. It has been year on year that I have asked this company to remove my details from their database, but they ignore and continue to harass!!! Avoid and do to not buy ...

Aug 26 6:15PM

On answering there was a couple seconds delay before the caller connected thru to me. It is an accident compensation company using a foreign call centre routed via a uk land line. Told the caller to remove my contact details from their system